Cat Runner 2018 v1.0.1 Update

We're excited to release an update based on some of our priority feedback we received from last Feedback Friday.  Thanks for playing and letting us know how we can improve the game.  We have more content and updates planned to keep those cats running through 2018!

1.0.1 Patch Notes

  • Windows / Mac - Fixed a bug with laptop touchpads event handling
  • Made the cat jumping a little more forgiving
  • You can now jump off the rocket power up by jumping any time you wish
  • Changed cat physics to be a little more predictable
  • Made a visual indicator for when a speed up is going to happen and placed the indicator only on long stretches
  • Made the title description text a little more descriptive
  • Turned down the lights on all the theme backgrounds
  • Fixed the Americana stream colors to match the Treat Exchange visual
  • Made the power up expiring visual cue a little more noticeable 
  • Treat Exchange got a couple small visual updates

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Apr 17, 2018

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